slover [AND] company Website

slover [AND] company has experienced a major surge of new business in new sectors, notably hospitality, in the last four years, and redefined their marketing strategy in order to leverage new experience and great new additions to their portfolio. Part of this effort was to design and launch a multimedia website that would effectively communicate not only their vast experience and marketing expertise, but their aesthetic sensibility as well. They decided on Flash as the ideal platform, and moved forward with the site, which was launched in mid-2004. My contribution to the site has been in adding new in-depth features, including an extended portfolio for the Wynn Las Vegas project, and many “under-the-hood” improvements to animation effects, dynamic form processing, video integration and site update procedures. The site recently underwent a major overhaul, transforming from a static, proprietary, time-line based Flash format to an updateable XML/ActionScript-based Flash presentation platform. All regular updates are now done with a text editor and image optimization tools. With the help of an update instruction manual, anyone with a little XML knowledge and some Photoshop skills can update the website without ever opening the Flash authoring tool or writing one line of ActionScript. Finally, I was involved in the development and programming of (see a sneak preview at a street art gallery and commentary project for one of the slover [AND] company principals. The site, although it has yet to be officially launched, showcases a compelling and intuitive navigational framework incorporating visual cues through animation and interactivity.

Expertise: Art direction, animation effects design, scripting in ActionScript, JavaScript and Perl, information architecture, XML schema and database development, content management specifications