Bill Diodato Website

New York-based photographer Bill Diodato has diverse and eclectic interests and skills and manages to be professionally active in many different kinds of photographic work. His website needed to underscore his diverse abilities while not categorizing him as too much of a generalist. The visual language achieves this through strategic photo editing and a minimal interface. This organizes his work into discreet categories while presenting a unified whole. Also noteworthy are a series of animation sequences that appear during category loading. The animations start in a chaotic state, morph into a recognizable outline and finally transition into a completed image. Originally launched in 2002, Bill requested that we update his site with a soundtrack in 2003. This is one of the sites of which I’m especially proud, even after seven years, which is an eon of time on the Internet.

Expertise: Art direction, project management, animation effects design, scripting in ActionScript

Awards: Bill Diodato‘s site appears in PDN‘s 2003 Photo Annual