Wynn Las Vegas Website

For one of the largest casino-resort complexes in Las Vegas, billionaire Steve Wynn wanted an equally impressive online presence. The site essentially takes an overwhelming amount of information and organizes it into very intuitive categories within a user-friendly interface, allowing for leisurely browsing. From restaurants, rooms, meeting facilities and the 18-hole golf course to world-class shopping and, of course, gaming, the site offers information that is succinct and helpful about each topic, as well as direct access to online room and meeting reservation widgets. Utilizing a useful dual-navigation bar, the interface does a good job of keeping the user oriented. The rollover and transition effects add visual cues, letting users know intuitively where they are and what they should expect next. Launched in mid-March of 2005, the site has garnered praise from retailers and other concessions that are part of the resort complex as well as contributed to a 50% increase in bookings during the first week. It has also served as the defacto interface standard for www.encorelasvegas.com, the website for the latest Wynn extravaganza on the Las Vegas strip.

Expertise: Art direction, content management specifications, interface design, animation effects design, scripting in ActionScript, development of Flash prototype