PS 212 Website

PS 212 is a branding agency startup based in New York. The office is located in a former New York Public School building populated mostly by fine artists and photographers. The sensibility is “startup energy” meets “big client experience and contacts.” This means a focus on effective creative solutions that directly address the needs of the client. Code Element took a similar approach toward the development of the PS 212 website. Resisting the temptation to blather on about “core competencies” and “organic synergy,” the site instead gets right to business, employing a thumbnail grid that reveals concise client case studies, punctuated by a highlighting mechanism that tells you at a glance exactly what the company does while sparing you the industry jargon. Incorporating an intuitive and nimble interface, the site is designed to make the 10 minutes it takes to review it a pleasant and informative part of your day.

Expertise: Effects design, Flash development, ActionScript codebase, XML schema and database, image optimization, content management specifications