Women’s Professional Soccer
“See Extraordinary”
Web Banner Campaign

The nascent Women’s Professional Soccer league has undertaken operations during very tough economic times. To maximize their promotional dollar, they are taking advantage of non-traditional marketing opportunities on the Internet to create buzz and excitement. “See Extraordinary,” a campaign originally created for TV but facing limited exposure on just a few cable sports channels, expanded to include advertising on the web via a banner ad placement program. Inherent bandwidth limitations precluded using any of the video footage within the banners. Instead, they incorporate animation that conveys the power and athleticism captured in the TV spots using still photography originally intended for print advertising. The quick-cut style fuses tightly edited still sequences with blur, fade and scaling effects to create agile and sometimes explosive mini-narratives highlighting the featured player’s star quality and skill on the pitch. A total of seven sequences, none over 85 kb in size, provide a terrific introduction to these athletes while allowing the bandwidth-obsessed advertising outlets to just relax and enjoy.

Expertise: Graphic design, storyboards, image editing, retouching and optimization, animation effects, Flash development