MiddleBlue Website

MiddleBlue, an independent online retailer, is the brainchild of Lucy Sisman, an award-winning graphic designer from London who is currently based in New York. In the spirit of Etsy or Big Cartel, Lucy was interested in creating and marketing products that she thought would fill a tiny but specific niche in the ever-expanding ocean of online retail concerns. As a designer, she also had a very precise idea of how the site should look. And of course, she had a need to update the site herself whenever new products were ready for prime-time. Enter Code Element. By leveraging a relatively simple site architecture, established merchant services and existing inventory into a reworked shopping framework, Code Element developed a new, standards-compliant site that could be updated using Contribute, Adobe’s collaborative content management site editor. Code Element also improved site performance on the front end by incorporating Ajax loading techniques on the product pages, and streamlined updates on the back end by writing an update instruction manual, which describes not only how to use the content management tools, but also which Photoshop templates to use when optimizing new product images. Did we think of everything? No, but close to it.

Expertise: XHTML/CSS markup, scripting in JavaScript using jQuery, server configuration, image retouching and optimization, content management specifications