Jakes Hotel Website

Located at Treasure Beach on Jamaica’s less-trodden and semi-arid south coast, Jakes Hotel, Villas & Spa features quaint, one-of-a-kind accommodations, locally-sourced gourmet restaurants, adventure tours and even rides to Pelican Bar, a drinking establishment just off the coast and only accessible by boat. Understanding the resort’s unique appeal, Jakes’ proprietors wanted an equally unique website to showcase Jakes’ inimitable charms. The site features original illustrations by artist and founder Sally Henzell, a snapshot slide-show gallery and all of the information you would need to thoroughly assess the facilities and surrounding attractions. Additionally, the site has been optimized for the new breed of tablet devices that everyone is so crazy about these days—it will even work on your smartphone, if you let it! Dubbed by Vogue magazine as “the chicest shack in the Caribbean,” Jakes is rapidly becoming the destination for travellers and tourists looking for an alternative to Club Med and who prefer a singular and sublime experience.

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