David Raccuglia Website

Entrepreneur David Raccuglia has leveraged his success in upscale hair and beauty products (American Crew, MOP and d:fi) into a burgeoning career as a portraitist, at once indulging his passion for photography and allowing him to explore the aesthetic possibilities of capturing the essence of his subjects. Although his photographic concepts tend toward the idiosyncratic and elite, Raccuglia is by temperament a practical, if scrappy, realist, and expressed a desire for a direct approach with regard to his website. Hence the minimal architecture and intuitive navigational devices employed on the site. Users can immediately browse through the portfolios, quickly getting a sense of Raccuglia's “eye” as well as the breadth and depth of his work. Particularly compelling are his projects featuring Tibet, blues masters and folk artists of the gothic south and the iconic portraits of shakers and movers no longer among us. The site is designed to be easily updateable by someone who understands how to be organized, and does not require a member of the Flash priesthood in order to display new work.

Expertise: Information architecture, art direction, scripting in ActionScript, XHTML and JavaScript