Hôtel Americano Website

Taking a cue from its elegant, modernist architecture and interior design, Hôtel Americano commissioned a website that distills the concept of blogging to its most elemental: simple, straightforward entries that guide, inform and, hopefully, delight visitors, i.e., potential hotel guests. The black backdrop of the site serves to highlight the main content window, where you can readily find out about the hotel’s facilities, amenities, neighborhood and history. The main navigation only does three things: book a room, contact the hotel or book a table. Secondary sidebar navigation filters the entries into clear and concise categories. Thoughtful typography clarifies the communication, and professionally produced and curated photography punctuates the layout with imagery that makes you want to book a room. The site is built on the WordPress publishing platform and is fully web-standards compliant, but uses a customized theme and web fonts to give the presentation a luxurious, bespoke quality. Hotel staff can add entries at their leisure without needing to understand and master HTML or complicated publishing procedures. And site visitors can access the site via smartphone, iPad or laptop and enjoy a unified interface that gets out of their way, answers their questions and lets them get on with it. Everyone wins.

Expertise: WordPress theme development and content management implementation, HTML5/CSS3 markup, jQuery and PHP scripting